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Guidance on extraordinary conditions for Renewal of Certification, remote audits and remote monitoring of laboratory tests.

  1. Considering that the restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the impacts caused on the activities of the telecommunications industries, laboratories and Designated Certification Bodies – OCD still persist; Anatel hereby renews the following temporary and alternative conditions to OCDs in carrying out its activities to maintain the Certificate of Conformity, in the remote monitoring of the performance of laboratory tests and in audits in manufacturing units and in laboratories:

1.1. Authorize the performance of the certification maintenance activity only with the presentation of the statements necessary to carry out the certification process, with the presentation of internal and external photos of the product and test reports applied to the current maintenance period being waived.

1.1.1. The waiver in question will be given upon presentation of the declaration of the applicant for certification, stating the difficulty of having these documents due to the pandemic.

1.1.2. We emphasize that the waiver covers any other documents that are necessary to carry out the maintenance, with the exception of statements applied to the current maintenance period.

1.1.3. If there is a change in the product and/or technical requirements applied to it and the applicant took advantage of this extraordinary condition in a maintenance, the documents and tests relevant to the product must be presented in the subsequent maintenance.

1.1.4. The exemption from the presentation of the test report does not apply to products that failed during the tests in the last conformity assessment. 1.2. It is exceptionally authorized to carry out remote audits by OCDs in manufacturing units and testing laboratories, replacing face-to-face audits, as well as remote monitoring of the performance of tests in laboratories that are not accredited or evaluated by third parties.

1.2.1. Therefore, the OCD must be properly prepared to record the meeting on video and keep documented all the actions and records necessary to ensure reliability in carrying out such activities remotely.

1.2.2. It is worth mentioning that the audits and the follow-up of the tests must be carried out by OCD specialists duly recognized by Anatel.

  1. The temporary and alternative conditions established in item 1.1 of this Official Letter apply only to the product whose validity period of the Certificate of Conformity runs until the date of July 31, 2022. The same date applies to audits and test monitoring remotes.
  2. Exceptional situations not covered by the conditions specified above will be evaluated by this Management (ORCN).
  3. This Official Letter replaces all others previously issued and dealing with the subject in question.


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