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Resolution no. 715 came to revoke the old Anatel resolution 242 and update the guidelines of the entire Homologation process through this NEW REGULATION FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF CONFORMITY AND APPROVAL OF TELECOMMUNICATION PRODUCTS, aiming to define the new structure of the parts that integrate the entire approval process (Certification and Approval).

The main changes that have been made are below:

1- Product categories I, II and II were replaced by the concept of product type and product family.

2- In the new resolution 715, there is the possibility for Anatel to designate a foreign Certification Body when there is a Mutual Recognition Agreement between Accrediting Bodies (Countries) and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Certification Bodies (OCD).

“Art. 8th Can act as a Certification Body in Anatel’s conformity assessment system:

II – Foreign Certification Body recognized through a Mutual Recognition Agreement to act in the certification of telecommunications products.”

3- One more conformity assessment model was inserted, the “Labeling”, the details were published in Act No. 4088, of July 31, 2020

4- Market supervision being carried out by the certification body (OCD)

“Art. 77. The market supervision activities will be carried out by Anatel, with the support of the Designated Certification Body.”

5- All imported telecommunications products subject to approval and destined for commercialization, the Anatel Seal Identification must be carried out before the product enters Brazilian customs.

For more information, follow the link to the full resolution:

Source: https://www.anatel.

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