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Anatel seizes 5,700 products in Amazon warehouses

Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) agents seized 5,700 non-approved telecommunications products at Amazon distribution centers in the cities of Betim (MG) and Cajamar (SP). Among the items, most were portable batteries, cell phone chargers and wireless headphones. The inspection was carried out between June 21 and 24, and the estimated value of the products reaches R$ 500 thousand. The face-to-face operation is the second largest aimed at companies operating in online retail.

The inspection was coordinated by Moisés Moreira, Anatel’s advisor, and by the Superintendent of Inspection, Hermano Tercius, with the support of Direp (Division for Reprimanding Smuggling and Embezzlement of the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil) and PFE-Anatel (Federal Prosecutor’s Office Specialized with Anatel )

In a statement, Amazon told Tilt that it “received tax from Anatel at two of its distribution centers between June 21 and 24. Amazon is currently working on the information in cooperation with the authorities and, as necessary, will take action in the interests of of consumers.”

Combat piracy

Anatel’s operation is part of actions to combat irregular trade in non-approved products. That is, without registration of the agency. The approval is made to authorize the sale of a product in the Brazilian market. The process is necessary to ensure that the products do not pose risks to consumers and to guarantee service by a technical assistance in case of defects. Before an electronic device is sold, it undergoes a series of tests to evaluate potential, for example, overheating, explosion, radiation, interference with other communication signals, among other problems. In general, when a non-approved product is sold over the internet, it is sold at prices much lower than the others practiced in the market, which can attract the consumer. Many people, however, do not even realize that the sale of this product is illegal.

Keeping an eye on irregular cell phones

In recent years, Anatel has intensified enforcement against the sale of illegal smartphones.

Its Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP) has existed since 2018. Until last year, together with other bodies, operations prevented the sale of 4.6 million irregular products with a total value estimated at R$500 million.


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