Commercial representation

The commercial representation is foreseen by Anatel so that there is a Brazilian company, duly qualified, responsible for the equipment approved in the national territory.

The Legal representative (homologation holder) is responsible for the quality of the products, warranty provision, and technical assistance to consumers.

The ITC is duly constituted in accordance with all national regulations, having as one of its activities to be a member of the commercial board of commercial representatives of São Paulo (CORE-SP), Registration: 0313575/2020 .

Below is part of the Anatel resolution on the applicants (Commercial Representative) – ATO 715/2019. Section II – Applicants.

Article 21

The Applicant legal entity must prove, in case of marketing of the telecommunications product in the Country, that it hasconditions to guarantee the rights and guarantees of the consumer provided for in Brazilian legislation, in particular regarding the provision of information about the characteristics of the product, the warranty against defects and technical assistance throughout the national territory, if applicable, as provided for in the Operating Procedure.

Know the steps for commercial representation

1st step

Except for the cases expressly established in this regulation, the request for approval of certificates of conformity or declaration of conformity can only be made by an individual with full civil capacity and resident in the country, or a legal entity constituted under Brazilian law, so that, in any case, they can be held responsible for the product for telecommunications in the national territory.

2st step

Telecommunications products whose manufacturing process is carried out in the national territory by a legal entity constituted under Brazilian law cannot be approved by third parties, even if they comply with the provisions of this article and have express authorization from the manufacturer.

3st step

Once the certification is approved, the rights arising from its ownership may be assigned or shared with third parties, subject to the provisions of this Regulation.

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